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​Force, Of Course!

Grade 3 Scientist 2014.jpg
On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, the grade 3 students at JCS stepped into the physics lab to investigate the impact of friction, gravity and magnetic and electrostatic force.  They learned how a volcano erupts, and how the vortex of a tornado can uproot trees.  The young scientists used a catapult to measure the impact of force on a projectile, designed a marble run, and experimented with both marbles and magnets to see if they could defy gravity.  It was a fun-filled day, where science came alive in our classrooms!


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Grade 3 Scientist 2014 4.jpgGrade 3 Scientist 2014 6.jpg 
Grade 3 Scientist 2014 7.jpgGrade 3 Scientist 2014 8.jpg 
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Soil:  It's Too Important To Be Treated Like Dirt!


Gr 3 Scientist.JPG

The Grade 3 students got their hands "dirty" during a Scientist in the Classroom workshop on soil.  They learned about different types of soil, the effects of erosion, built a soil profile and discovered why worms are our gardens' best friend!!





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