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Pulleys and Gears


Grade 4 Scientist.JPG

Scientist Karen did an outstanding job of promoting the Grade 4 Science Unit Pulleys and Gears. With the help of our parent volunteers, we were able to learn about the importance of simple machines, like the pulley, and realize how they offer us mechanical advantages in our daily life.





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Don't Take Rocks For Granite

Gr 4 Scientist 2013 1.JPG 

The Grade 4 teachers scheduled a Rock and Minerals Scientist in the classroom. Scientist Elizabeth introduced rocks and minerals to us through a series of five stations set up in the classroom. We looked at the distinct properties of rocks and minerals up close, and we even made fossils!! The Grade 4's definately recognized that rocks and minerals are an integral part of our lives.  . 

Thank you, Scientiest Elizabeth Paddon for an amazing morning.
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Gr 4 Scientist 2013 3.JPGGr 4 Scientist 2013 4.JPG
Gr 4 Scientist 2013 5.JPGGr 4 Scientist 2013 6.JPG