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 "What It Is To Be A Scientiest"


On November 10, 2014, Mrs. Gula's and Mrs. Chachula's kindergarten classes were very lucky to have Scientist Cathy come in.  She talked about "what it is to be a scientist".  Children learned about different fields of science like meteorology, oceanography, archaeology and astronomy. 





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Simply Machines


Kindergarten Scientist 2014 1.JPG

During the Simple Machines workshop the Kindergarten scientists took an imaginary trip to the playground to discover some everyday simple machines. Through hands on activities they learned how simple machines can make work easier.  Everyone had a great time exploring gears, levers, inclined planes, wheels and axles.



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Young Friends of the Earth


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Scientist Laurie visited the Kindergarten classes. She taught us how to be friends of the Earth. At our activity centres we were able to plant clover seeds. We watched red wiggler worms and learned how they help break down food scraps and turn them into compost. We also learned how to recycle garbage and how to save water at home.

We had a fun time becoming friends of the Earth!!




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Sensational Senses

The Kindergartens in Mrs. Chachula's and Mrs. Maliartchin's class explored their senses with scientist Marilyn. We tricked our senses and explored the connection between taste and smell. We discovered the drum in the ear and we read with our fingers. Our senses helped us investigate our world.



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