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Christmas Fast


Prayer 1.jpg
Our Christmas fast, Pylypivka, began on Thursday, November 28, 2013 and extends for 40 days, preparing us for the Christmas celebration. In our Church tradition we change our usual patterns of life and focus more on the spiritual aspect. It is far too easy to be captured by the consumerism of our world but if we can quiet ourselves and focus for a brief time on the promise of love and salvation that comes with the birth of Christ, we capture the true meaning of Christmas. During this time we are asked to listen attentively, to ourselves, to our families, to our children, to the gospel message and to respond positively to what we hear. Fr. Kachur has focused his classroom visits highlighting this aspect of the Pylypivka and helping our students to understand the need for reconciliation in all of our interactions. Let us focus on the fast not simply as giving up a particular food or treat but as a time to gain a greater insight into our spiritual lives.