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Patriarch Shevchuk 


Sviatoslav Shevchuk.jpgOn May 7, 2014 our school was privileged to receive a visit from His Beatitude, Patriarch Sviatoslav and His Eminence Cardinal Collins. Our Patriarch shared his time with all of our students, answering questions and showing his care for our children. His messages focused on the need for all of us to become good Christians by following the precepts found in scripture and following the need to be compassionate and charitable to all of our brothers and sisters. Throughout his visit he displayed his wit and humour and deep spirituality with the staff and students. As a keepsake, our staff presented His Beatitude with a photo album highlighting the activities within our school and one of our students, Zoriana Wankiewicz, drew a beautiful picture of Taras Shevchenko and presented it to him. Prior to leaving, Patriarch Sviatoslav mentioned how touching it was for him to see the children pray and maintain the Ukrainian language and traditions in the diaspora.
The events of the day will remain with our staff and students for many years. All of our teachers are to be commended for the preparations for this day. A special thank you goes out to our Ukrainian department, Mrs. McEvoy, Mrs. Gafijchuk, Mrs. Zurakowski and Mrs. Lazirko for the preparation of the childrens’ concert, Mr. Hrab and the school orchestra and to Mrs. Slawson for the beautiful keepsakes of the day.