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Colder Weather


Colder Weather 1.jpg Please ensure that your children are well-dressed for the cold weather. Warm hats, gloves, boots and layered clothing should be worn by all students.  A change of footwear should be brought to school in order to change from boots that are worn out-of-doors.  Similarly, colds and flu are part of winter.  If your child is ill, please keep him at home, allowing him to recuperate more quickly and not to spread germs to fellow classmates.  This should help minimize the spread of illness throughout the school.  Similarly, when teachers are supervising children outdoors for recess, there is no one to supervise children who are ill in the school.

If your child is sick and absent, please phone the school to inform us.  Hand washing is central in preventing the spread of germs.  Please emphasize this with the children and reinforce that a small amount of soap taken from the dispenser at school is adequate; the duration of washing should be about 20 seconds.  We have installed hand sanitizers in the primary classes to help the younger children with proper hand hygiene; please remind your child to use this as necessary during the day.