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Thank you to our parents who pick up their children after school for following the pickup procedures. Our meeting spot for parents and students is the east fenced yard by the kindergarten classroom.

If your child is normally on a bus, but you are picking them up, PLEASE inform either the office or the teacher on bus duty and bus driver before you take your child from the bus line.  You can well imagine the panic when a child who is regularly on bus pick up is not in the lineup and nowhere to be found.    With 15 buses, we depend on the reliable behavior of our students and the system in place to ensure that every child is accounted for at the end of the day.  We must often stop the bus while we search for your child and call home. With 15 buses, we depend on the reliable behavior of our students and the system in place to ensure that every child is accounted for at the end of the day. Please do not remove your child from a bus line without notifying the school. 

Our ongoing concern and monitoring of student drop off and pick up continues. We fully recognize the need to create a safe bus unloading zone and our board is asking for analysis of our situation and requesting recommendations from the city. We will notify parents and all members of our school community when we receive any news. Until such time, we must all work together to maintain a safe and efficient system for drop off and pick up.

Parents are asked to keep the bus loading and unloading zone clear of cars in order to achieve a safe environment for our students. The children’s safety is jeopardized during morning and after school pick up when the no stopping by -law on West Deane is not observed. Please park your car on the adjoining side streets and walk with your child to the school yard. Do not send your child across the street alone, running between buses and ongoing traffic. At no time should parents park, pick up or drop off students in the Bus Loading Zone on the east side of the school. Please use the cross walk located on the north side of the school.

Parents are to remain outdoors when picking up or dropping off students. Parents are not to walk their child to their classrooms. It is during these times that the student’s safety is most vulnerable. We do not want to have adults in the building at this time. If all parents and caregivers follow this procedure it is very easy for staff members or students to spot a stranger in the building. Parents are asked to rep​ort to the office if they need to come into the school. The instructional time during the school day is precious. Interruptions to the teacher’s class time compromises the delivery of curriculum and learning opportunities for all. We ask that you kindly make an appointment outside of instructional time to speak with your child’s teacher. The agenda and email is a valuable tool to communicate messages.

We thank all of the parents who consistently follow our safety procedures. These parents demonstrate their interest and care for all members of our school community as well as being role models for their children.

On rainy days, our children on pick up will be waiting in Ms. Prokopchuks kindergarten classroom which faces east and has a huge wall of windows.  The room can easily accommodate all our students on pick up and the supervisor on duty will release the children once they see the parent or guardian in the yard.