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Traffic and Parking


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No doubt you have heard about new parking regulations and fines imposed by the City of Toronto.  A large school such as JCS always has challenges in meeting the needs of parking and student drop-off and pick-up in the limited space that we have.  In a number of instances frustration on the part of drivers and pedestrians has led to near accidents and significant injury.  We have had traffic enforcement police tagging illegally parked cars especially during dismissal times.  Please be aware that the police will be aggressively tagging cars, especially those that are blocking cross walks.  Another issue raised by the officer is parking on both sides of West Deane Park Drive, making it very difficult for traffic to pass.  Please, please park in designated legal parking areas.  This may mean you will have to walk a further distance, however, it will be safer for you, the children and our bank accounts.    As well, please be careful when you turn in front of the school, especially when turning on our neighbours’ driveways, paying careful attention to the movement of children on the street and driveways.


Lastly, the school parking lot has a very limited number of spots.  Please do not park there when you are dropping children off for school.  You can park safely on Beaver Bend and walk your child to school.