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Each year our school commemorates the Famine in Ukraine of 1932 to 1933 when millions of Ukrainians were starved to death on purpose – sometimes referred to as the Ukrainian holocaust, but more correctly – the Ukrainian Genocide.

Before the Famine of 1932, Ukraine was the “Breadbasket of Europe” with vast amounts of grain crops harvested that all of Europe could be fed.  What happened to all the grain?  The answer is unthinkable, inhuman and horrible cruel.  Josef Stalin, the leader of the Communist regime in Moscow ordered that all the grain crops, food, animals and property be taken away from the people – everything was confiscated.

Stalin’s communist government deliberately and in great detail planned this artificial famine; this mass murder.  He used food as a weapon and had a special law passed to enforce his plan.  This law is known as the “Five laws of grain”
By winter and early spring of 1933, the famine reached unheard of proportions:



Every day 25,000 people died


Every hour 1000 people died


Every minute 17 people died



What have we done to keep the memory of the Ukrainian Genocide from fading and becoming just a statistic?

On April 6, 2008 the INTERNATIONAL HOLODOMOR FLAME was launched from Canberra, Australia.  This torch travelled to 33 countries in the world and this torch reached our school in May, 2008. 



On May 26, 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper formally recognized the 1932-33 Ukrainian famine, the HOLODOMOR, as a deliberate of act genocide.  Bill C-459 unanimously passed!



Awareness of this tragedy must not be limited to the Ukrainian community.  All victims of genocides must be honoured.


Click link for slide presentation Holodomor Slide Show  


Click here for further information on the Holodomor


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