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The Ukrainian Academy Of Dance



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Danovia Stechishin-Stefura, the innovative teacher of The Ukrainian Academy of Dance, organized a dance recital by a company of professional dancers for our students on Tuesday, June 19, 2012.  Mrs. Stechishin-Stefura has been teaching our students Ukrainian dancing one day a week with great success and this gave all of our children an opportunity to see the end result of many years of practice. The performances took place in the morning and we asked that each child contribute $1.00 to offset the costs associated with this performance which was spectacular. 


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Brielle Cerkownyk  Grade 5:  I thought the Ukrainian Academy of Dance performance was very interesting and amazing because it had great dancing and it taught me some interesting details about Ukraine. Great dancing and story!


Daisy Bilous, Grade 7:  The performance by the Ukrainian Academy of Dance was very exciting and was a fun way to learn more about Ukrainian history. The amount of work put into this performance was unbelievable and was very worthwhile Well done!!       


Kalyna Fisher, Grade 7:  I’m so happy they came to perform at our school and I hope they come back next year. It was astonishing!


Lydia Moorehead, Grade 7:  The amount of hard work, endurance, strength and energy that went into this performance was exceptional.


Catherine Karmen,  Grade 5:  An amazing performance with an amazing historical production. Since watching this, I’m thinking of taking lessons. Very expressive. Awesome!