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On Friday May 31, 2013 well known Ukrainian author Lesia Chraplyva - Schur visited with the grade 3 students.
During her short visit the students were able to hear about the experiences that both inspired and shaped her writing. Students also interacted with her when speaking about their hopes for the future. Two students surprised Pani Lesia by reciting one of her poems written in honour of Taras Shevchenko.—they were Christina Paziuk and Anna Volochiy.

Pani Lesia—shared with the students her most recent publication called “Dzvinochok” which include many of her stories and poetry for young children in magazine form.

On behalf of the staff and students, Danylo Nechyporuk and Sofia Bolonna thanked Pani Lesia with a short poem of gratitude and a bouquet of flowers. Many students eagerly continued their conversation with Pani Lesia after her presentation, asking for autographs and even a few hugs.  We hope the students and Pani Lesia will remember this visit for many years to come.

We also thank Kontakt T.V. for filming this visit which will be aired on their community segment  program.
Pani Lesiu - we thank you.!!!
Щира подяка Вам і низький поклін!

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