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Toronto Catholic District School Board

  Brass Rubbings Heading.jpg


Brass Rubbings.JPGThe grade 4 students participated in a half day Medieval Brass Rubbing Art Workshop on Thursday, June 13, 2013.  Brass rubbing is a unique historical and educational activity that was given by Grace Carrothers.  With Brass Rubbings, Grace provided the students wit a hands-on history lesson of how people in Medieval Times lived, dressed and fought.

Each students was supplied with special brass rubbing paper, gold or silver crayons and hangers.  The brass rubbing is made by covering a medieval brass with special black paper and rubbing gold or silver wax over the raised engraving until the picture appears in detail.

Brass Rubbings 1.JPGBrass Rubbings 2.JPG
Brass Rubbings 3.JPGBrass Rubbings 4.JPG