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Witness To Faith Cross

Witness To Faith Cross 6.JPGOn Tuesday, March 5, 2013 the Witness to Faith Cross visited Josyf Cardinal Slipyj School. It was a prayerful and joyous day for all of us. The cross was built by students at Neil McNeil Catholic High School in September 2011 and has been travelling around the Toronto Catholic District School Board since then. By the end of this school year it will have visited all our catholic schools.
To prepare for the event, there were classroom discussions, written assignments and an assembly which touched on the importance of the cross as a symbol of our Catholic faith. The cross encourages us to love one another as Christ did. All students in the school then made a commemorative cross as a keepsake of the day.
The sun was shining on us as we received the cross from St. Gregory Catholic School and began a solemn procession following the cross along West Deane Park Drive and into our school yard. There we were met by Father Galadza, Father Kachur and Father Lobay who led us in prayer and song. Our wonderful grade 8 orchestra played hymns that they had learned for this day. As well, the choir led the students and staff in the hymns and responses.
After the prayer service the students were treated to hot chocolate and cookies.

On Wednesday, the cross continued its journey to Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School.
Thank you to all who helped with this wonderful occasion and to the students for their prayerful reverence