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St Nicholas 2013 Heading.jpg

St. Nicholas Board.JPG Every year all of our students wait expectantly for the arrival of St. Nicholas to our school and to hear the wisdom and experience the kindness and love brought by our beloved visitor. To see the excitement in the eyes of our youngest children is to understand what Jesus spoke of when he said that we all should be as innocent as a child. Our oldest students return for a moment to that time when they waited in wonder for the visit of St. Nicholas and now still look at him with veneration and love. The songs and poems related by the students reflected their happiness and the image of St. Nicholas giving his blessing to the children sealed the sanctity and joy of the day. 

On December 19, 2013, our students welcomed St. Nicholas to our school.  The gym was transformed into a beautiful gallery and our angels, Maria Kazantseva, Adriana Iourik, Tiana Wertelecky and Olivia Skoncej created an enchanted environment.  We welcomed St. Nicholas with songs and readings and he rewarded the students with gifts and wise words.
Thanks go to the Ukrainian department:  Pani McEvoy, Pani Gafijczuk, Pani Lazirko, Pani Zurakowski, Pani Maliartchin, Pani Bodnar, Pani Ostapienko and Pani Mil for their hard work and preparations;  to the donors, the Ukrainian Credit Union, Buduchnist Credit Union, Kraft and Christies for their generous donations.  Thanks to our parent volunteers whose hard work and dedication in making this event successful is much appreciated by all.  With continued support and volunteers, our school and our Ukrainian traditions continue and prosper.