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  Year End Moleben & Farewell Assembly For Mr. Zyla

On Tuesday, June 10th 2014, our end of year school moleben was celebrated with Bishop Stephen Chmilar, Fr. O. Kachur and parish priest Fr. R. Lobay. It was truly a special service as it was also Mr. Zyla’s – our principal of nine years – farewell tribute.

Mr. Hrab and the school orchestra enhanced our service and assembly with their musical skill, talents and energy!

Under clear skies the school body was able to pray once more as a community, celebrate the joys and special memories of this year, reflect on all that was good and thank our principal for his dedicated service to his “flock”. The students prepared little skits, musical tributes, and farewell sentiments which showed Mr. Zyla just how much he has impacted their lives. The staff and priests heartily joined in the song and dance routines as this was a very entertaining and uplifting goodbye.
The staff and students also recorded a video of all the students performing their little skits, songs, poems and heartfelt messages so that Mr. Zyla can view this anytime, as well as a JCS commemorative book with many pictures and farewell messages from every class and staff member.
It was a very enjoyable ceremony. We wish Mr. Zyla all the health and happiness he so richly has earned and deserves. May God Bless him!


Special thanks to our clergy, Mrs. Sztefan for organizing this event, Mrs. Leo and Mr. Diamanti for their coordination of video clips, Mrs. Topicha for her work on finalizing the special book, to all the students and staff who collectively helped to make this a truly memorable day.
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