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Beg Year Moleben.jpgThis year, the JCS community gathered for our opening school year moleben on Friday, September 19th with Bishop Stephen, Father R. Lobay and Father O. Kachur.


As is customary, our Bishop and honoured clergy were met at the entry to our school with a traditional Ukrainian bread and salt greeting by students Anastasia N., Mar yan P. and Khrystyna M.  Our school student liturgical choir and staff under the direction of Mrs. Zinchenko sang the responses beautifully and our new principal Ms. Barida eloquently greeted all.  The celebration is unique to our Eastern Rite tradition and allows for us to come together as a community and celebrate our Faith.

One of the highlights of this year’s celebration was Father Lobay’s presentation of a special book of memoirs dictated by our school patron Josyf Cardinal Slipyj and just recently published. It was truly a memorable presentation and very moving.

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