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December, 2014


In the month of December, our liturgical calendar prepares us to celebrate the feast of the Nativity of our Lord with a forty day fast called the fast of St. Phillip or better known as Pylypivka.  During this time, we celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia, a feast and saint dearly loved not only by children, but by adults also.  When we celebrate this feast, it is customary in our tradition to exchange gifts.  Children, above all, are in great anticipation of receiving their special yearly presents.  The feast of St. Nicholas conveys to us a very powerful and important spiritual message.  In the troparion honouring St. Nicholas we pray:

The truth of your deeds made you for your flock a rule of faith and an image of meekness, a teacher of continence.  And so you gained the heights through humility, riches through poverty, father and bishop Nicholas.  Intercede with Christ for the salvation of our souls.
Saint Nicholas inspires us to prepare our spiritual gifts, that we may bring to the Christ Child on Christmas day:  making room for God and prayer in our busy lives, caring about others, living each day by the principle of truth, humility, not allowing ourselves to be absorbed by consumerism.  May this time of preparation to celebrate the feast of the Nativity of our Lord, be truly a time of many blessings and graces for us.
November, 2014
November 2014 was the 70th Anniversary of the passing of the servant of God Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky. Patriarch Sviatoslav, in his recent statement mentioned that the process for the beatification of Metropolitan Andrey is coming to a close. We are hoping in the next few months he will be declared venerable which means that he will be worthy to be venerated. Metropolitan Andre has left us great treasures in his writings and his prayers.
I would like to share a short prayer that we can say every day asking for Gods wisdom.
Eternal God send down from your high heaven your holy wisdom. Enlighten with it our minds may gods wisdoms lead us along the path of truth. May it protect us from lies and from deceit. Amen.​ 
October, 2014


On behalf of the priests and parishioners of St. Nicholas Parish, please accept my greetings and best wishes on the occasion of the new academic year.  I especially want to welcome Ms. Teresa Barida in her new position as principal.  During his pastoral visitation of the Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Patriarch of Kyiv-Halych, emphasized that there are two books with which our faithful should especially be familiar; the Bible and the works of Taras Shevchenko.  As the situation continues to degenerate in Ukraine, the importance of these texts continues today; The Bible, showing our need for faith and God’s salvation, and Shevchenko, showing us the role of true patriotism. I know our students are and will continue to be more familiar with these works, preparing them for their vocations as Christians in the modern world.  We are very proud of our school, knowing its standards of excellence in educating our students. As we begin another year, we continue to pray for you and ask God for all His blessings for all of our school community.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Roman Lobay