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Pick Up And Drop Off 


Our before and after school drop off and pick up routines are steadily improving.  When dropping off your child, please stop in the “kiss n ride” designated area which is on the north side of the building, in front of our front doors.  The sign has been moved to the west of the curve, so as to not interfere with the turning of the buses.    Children dropped off in front of the school can walk on the sidewalk toward the fenced in area which is supervised. Alternatively, parents can park on Beaver Bend Cr., which runs perpendicular to West Deane Park and use the cross walk to escort their children to the playground.
We continually ask you not to park or drop off in the bus loading zone, which is the west side of the school.  Hefty fines are associated with parking or dropping off in a bus loading zone.   As well, please do not allow your child to cross the road alone, while waiting in a parked car on the other side of the road.  This compromises the safety of your child and safety on the roads.
Please drive carefully while passing through the school zone.  It is a congested area and we ask that you use caution to keep everyone in our school community safe. 

Parents are to remain outdoors when picking up or dropping off students. Parents are not to walk their child to their classrooms. It is during these times that the student’s safety is most vulnerable. We do not want to have adults in the building at this time. If all parents and caregivers follow this procedure it is very easy for staff members or students to spot a stranger in the building. Parents are asked to report to the office if they need to come into the school. The instructional time during the school day is precious. Interruptions to the teacher’s class time compromises the delivery of curriculum and learning opportunities for all. We ask that you kindly make an appointment outside of instructional time to speak with your child’s teacher. The agenda and email is a valuable tool to communicate messages.



We thank all of the parents who consistently follow our safety procedures. These parents demonstrate their interest and care for all members of our school community as well as being role models for their children​.


In keeping with the locked door policy, parents are asked to wait outside for their child and greet them once they have been dismissed by their teacher.  Students will be walked to their bus lines with their class.  The pickup area for all students is the EAST door beside Mrs. Bozzato’s ELP classroom, which is the fenced-in area with benches on the far east side of the building.  All parents, siblings and designated care givers are to meet their children in this area.  The pickup room beside the Vice Principal’s office will no longer be available.  Parents who are not able to pick up their children after school in a timely manner are asked to register at the After School Program.   A teacher will be on duty in the pickup area for 15 minutes, until 3:45 pm to monitor children waiting for their parents.  Any child left beyond the designated pickup time will be walked back to the office and parents will be contacted.  Please be aware that staff and administrative supervision is not available after 3:45 pm.  The Before and After School program has been implemented at the Ministry Level to assist those parents not able to pick up or drop off their children within the parameters of the school day.  ​