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Lore​tto Alumnae Association: 

An Interview with Dr. Kuriyan

By: Erin G., Lara C, and Victoria B., 

Student Reporters


 Photograph courtesy of the Loretto Abbey Archives

Dr. Mary Kuriyan, more commonly known as Dr. K, is a math teacher here at Loretto Abbey. With previous teaching experience at York University, Dr. Kuriyan has been teaching for over 30 years and has accomplished a lot during her time at Loretto Abbey and beyond. One of her many accomplishments here at Loretto Abbey is being an active contributor to the Loretto Alumnae Association. 

The Loretto Alumnae Association is a group dedicated to keeping past graduates and current graduating students connected with one another. The association contacts past students through email and they plan special events, such as the Mass and Tea at the Loretto Abbey Chapel, which includes the Order of Mary Ward celebration. Events such as these allow past graduates to reconnect with their teachers, Loretto Sisters, and former classmates, which makes for an enjoyable time. 

We sat down with Dr. K to discuss what the Loretto Alumnae Association is all about, and what role she plays in being a part of this group. 

On the Loretto Alumnae website, you are listed on the executive committee as a Loretto Abbey Liaison. What responsibilities does this title entail?

I have to inform the school of the Alumnae events that are being held so that the chapel and the parlour are free for use. I also inform staff and former students about the event so that many of them can attend. 

What made you want to be a part of the Loretto Alumnae Association?

It was Sister Evanne who requested me to join. I was hired by Sister Evanne, along with Mr. Kwon and Ms. Parente. Being a senior teacher here, she asked me to be the Alumnae Liaison, because I would know many of the alumnae and could make the connections.  

What do you enjoy the most about being a part of this Association? 

Connecting with the former students, seeing how well they are doing, and seeing how our education system has benefited them in some way or form. 

Dr. Kuriyan mentioned that many of the students in her past classes have gone on to study medicine, engineering, and law after graduating from the Abbey.

Do you feel that being a part of this committee has enriched your teaching experience? Has it made working and teaching at Loretto more interesting?

I hope so because teachers are hoping that every student they teach would go on to do better and bigger things, and so when they come back [for alumnae events] and describe what they are doing, it makes us very proud.

How can we educate current students about the Association and its members?

In the newsletter, I think they do have a little snippet about the Alumnae Association. Students should really read it and go to the website and register. Grade 12 students upon graduation can join the alumnae. We also register the emails of all students who graduate and we try to send them information of all the Alumnae events. 

Dr. Kuriyan went on to explain the four main awards that are given out by the Loretto Alumnae Association to graduating students:

There are four important awards that the alumnae give out every year to the graduating students of Grade 12. One is the “Loretto Alumnae Award”.  This goes to a graduate who exemplifies the qualities of Mary Ward, namely, leadership, loyalty, and integrity. This graduate also participates in school events and will participate in future events.

We have the “Margaret Kelly Award”, which is the biggest monetary award of $500. This goes to a student with outstanding university marks.  Not only does it include her academic qualifications, but also extracurricular activities with which she is involved. 

The next one is the “Mother Irma Long Award”, and it is awarded to a student who has demonstrated outstanding school spirit through exceptional contributions to school activities. 

The final one is the “Pauline Wilson Award”, which goes to a student achieving high marks who has chosen to pursue studies at a college level.

Interviewing Dr. Kuriyan revealed new information about the different aspects of the Abbey, specifically details regarding the Alumnae. Her work and words show that the Abbey is not just a high school, it is a community of people who strive to give students a wholesome school experience that goes beyond graduation. We thank all of our teachers, especially Dr. Kuriyan, who make the Abbey what it is: a superb school that ensures success for all students.

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