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For Parents 

Parental Engagement 
TCDSB parents are an integral part of our Catholic school communities. We share the belief that parents are, and will always remain, the primary teacher of their child(ren). We appreciate their involvement and advice on so many activities within their local school communities, and acknowledge that without this invaluable support, many initiatives would not be successful
About Us

The Toronto Catholic District School Board believes that schools must foster the spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of all students by using the various resources of the community of which they are a part.

Those schools must draw on the vast knowledge and expertise available in the community and involve its many resources, especially the family and the parish, in the schooling of children. That working together collaboratively is a way a living which is deeply rooted in God's Word; That the establishment of Catholic School Parent Councils (CSPC) is congruent with the spirit of its present policy on parent and community involvement, with its four strategic directions (Gospel Values, Collaborative Leadership, Decentralized Decision-Making and Transforming the Learning Experience) and with the spirit of the Building Bridges initiative; That Catholic School Parent Councils can be the vehicle for empowering the school community to actively acknowledge its resources and utilize them in support of student learning;
That Catholic School Parent Councils can be the forum through which parents and community can have a voice in education of children. Therefore, a properly constituted Catholic School Parent Council shall be established in each school, subject to the requirements of the Education Act and the TCDSB Policies, Guidelines and Operating Procedures for Catholic School Parent Councils, and shall function in an advisory role to the school principal and, where appropriate, to the Board.
Catholic School Parent Councils shall bring appropriate community resources into the school and shall recognize the right of parents to participate in the Catholic education of their children.
All of this information is derived from our TCDSB website.
Thank you for your participation.
CSPC Chair
Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School