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Loretto Abbey Dominates
High School Debating Championships

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On Saturday, February 25, Loretto Abbey hosted the second annual TCDSB High School Debate Championship. Seven schools from across the board participated in a series of animated debates on the following resolution, Be it resolved that (BIRT): On balance, the benefits of the Internet outweigh the harms of decreased personal privacy. Debaters prepared speeches for two rounds on this topic and then debated an improvised resolution for the final round. 

This year the host school dominated the tournament placing first overall and putting a couple of other teams in the top four spots. Marshall McLuhan also secured a place in the final four. The top debater this year comes from Loretto Abbey, Sophie Harriman, followed by Gabriel Gonneau from Monseigneur Percy Johnson and Madeline Zanin from Loretto Abbey came in third place. 

Mr. Shaun Hussain, head of math at the Abbey and tournament organizer said, “This is a great way to promote critical thinking and debating in our schools across our board. We hope to see the tournament grow next year.
For those interested in learning more about debating, contact Mr. Hussain who will can provide support materials or organize a workshop at your school.