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Loretto ​Abbey Field Hockey Team 

makes it to the Quarterfinals

By: Eisha Mae H.




Field hockey is a sport of fun and aggression, especially coming from the girls on the Loretto Abbey field hockey team. The sport consists of 20 or more players on a team, with 11 playing on the field playing at a time.


Team captain, Samantha Glionna, does her best to motivate, encourage, and further develop her team. She gives feedback on ways they could improve or just helpful tips in general. Along with the coach, Ms. Chandler, they all work together to lead Loretto Abbey’s field hockey team to the best performance they can achieve.


Field hockey is definitely a game of competition, communication, and, at times, aggression. “It's a rough game,” said Skye Solmes, a grade 9 defender. “Many hack in a way, which goes against the rules, and can cause many injuries, which affect our team if someone can't play and need to sit down instead.”


To prepare, the team practices quite often. Practices consist of running laps, stretching, high knees, lunges, and many more exercises to get the team in shape. With practices once or twice a week - that take up an hour or so of their time - plus games and schoolwork, our school’s field hockey team is certainly busy!


Skye Solmes admits that homework management is not too difficult. Skye said, “I get home at around 5 after practice, and I usually work on things that I have due the next day.” Balancing school and one’s personal life is difficult, but our students know how to maintain this balance. 


Field hockey pre-game rituals are important. The team prepare themselves with some pre-game motivation. They gather around in a circle, put their sticks out in the middle, and chant, “L-O-R-E-T-T-O, Abbey, Abbey, go, go, go!” After a game, they always chant for the opposing school as well. Regardless of the outcome, Loretto Abbey’s field hockey team always shows great sportsmanship.


The field hockey season is now over and our team made it to the TDCAA quarterfinals. Although they have some losses, they also had great achievements. On their last regular season game, our team faced Michael Power C.S.S., one of the strongest field hockey teams in the league. Unfortunately, our school did not bring the win home, but they came back with an outstanding tie. Win or loss, the team is always diligent, works hard, and is always inspired to do better the next game.