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The Abbey Opens its Door​s: Grade 8 Open House

By: Abigail A., Student Reporter​


One of the many magnificent posters displayed at the open house​


On Wednesday November 1, Loretto Abbey hosted its annual Grade 8 Day, giving potential future Abbey graduates from nearby schools a taste of a true high school experience. The students were given mock schedules to follow during their day so they could get a grasp of how high school works and what makes the Abbey stand out. The students were escorted to their classes by grade 11 and 12 leadership volunteers, who were there to help answer their questions and make their experience memorable.


“Grade 8 day was a fun experience. The students had a lot of questions and were really active in the classes,” said Czarina Galario, one of the student leaders. “I believe attending these types of events and experiencing what life is like at the Abbey truly makes an impact on their decision. Many students from my group said that this event helped them decide where to go for high school.”


During their time at the Abbey, the grade 8 students learned a couple of the Abbey cheers, toured the school, sat through classes, ate lunch in the junior cafeteria, and experienced how their year would be as grade 9 students.


On Thursday November 2, Loretto Abbey hosted an evening open house, where parents could join students to experience the Abbey as well. The event was a success, with many grade 8 students and their parents in attendance. The open house truly displayed the beauty of the Abbey and showed what the school has to offer through many beautiful club posters, information sessions on courses the school offers, and a wonderful presentation that gave the grade 8 students and their parents an insight on what life is like at our school.


With the help of the staff and student volunteers, the night was one filled with Abbey spirit. “I was at the door welcoming people in and on the occasion people stopped to ask me questions,” said Nicole Guerrero, a student volunteer. “I had so much fun helping out that I would gladly do it again!”


Events like these welcome others to join in our community and gives students and parents the opportunity to make informed decisions about future high schools. Thank you to Mr. Stefani, Ms. Wasiuk, the Guidance Department, staff and students who helped with this event. We hope to see many new faces next year that are filled with eager spirit and excitement!