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Loretto Abbey Moccasin Project


Pay It Forward Day for the Loretto Abbey Moccasin Project was held Tuesday, May 14, 2019 with students making moccasins for children in foster care.
Loretto Abbey was selected by St Norbert Catholic School, and the Abbey will in turn select another TCDSB school to continue the project.
The Moccasin Project is an initiative in response to the devastating realities of Indigenous child apprehension rates in Canada.  This hands-on moccasin-making workshop will be led by Linda Schumacher, as part of the Di-giiwawaat ('So They Can Go Home') national campaign. The goals of this campaign are:
  1. To provide Indigenous children raised in foster care with a link to their culture and heritage.
  2. To raise awareness in the general public about discrimination and child apprehension impacting Aboriginal children and their families in Canada.

On Thursday, February 21, 2019 students from St. Norbert, under the leadership of Ms. Maria D’Alfonso-Gentilin, brought the Moccasin Project to Loretto Abbey.  Grade 9 and 11 students participated in this “pay it forward” venture whereby the students at St. Norbert funded 40 pairs of moccasins which were made at Loretto Abbey.  In turn, Loretto Abbey will be “paying forward” the same project for another school (school TBD). Linda Schumacher from Di-giiwawaat will also be joining the students and speaking to them about the goals of the Moccasin project.


It is our hope that through this activity, students in the TCDSB will be made aware of the continuing discriminatory issues present in the Indigenous community and for each school to spread this initiative by “paying it forward” to all schools within the TCDSB and the GTA.


 Please select image below to view a brief Moccasin Project video.


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