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Upcoming Loretto Abbey
Renewal and Repairs​

On Thursday, January 30th a community meeting took place to share more information about the renewal work needed at Loretto Abbey and to give attendees an opportunity to participate in a consultation on temporary accommodation options for the school community. 

At the February 20 Regular Board meeting the Board of Trustees approved Option 2 of the Loretto Abbey Renewal Work and Accommodation Plan, which involves a two-phase implementation of the heating system replacement, with students remaining on site during the academic year for the duration of the project. 

The community will continue to be provided with updates in the coming weeks. 

Frequently Asked Questions


The following questions and answers have been compiled to help students, staff, parents and the community understand the nature of repairs required as well as the next steps.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding the January 30 Consultation.


1. Will it be safe to return to school in September 2020 considering that asbestos-containing materials will be disturbed?

The asbestos will be removed from building materials following very strict safety procedures outlined in Ontario’s Asbestos Regulation, O. Reg. 278/05, under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. This regulation was created to protect the workers who remove the asbestos and the building occupants who will occupy the area. This regulation is enforced by Ontario’s Ministry of Labor.


2. How will the air be tested to ensure student and staff safety?

Asbestos air testing will be conducted by a third party environmental consultant during and after the asbestos abatement. The school will not be reoccupied unless the air tests pass. This exceeds the requirement in the Asbestos Regulation since air testing is only required after the asbestos is removed, not during removal.

3. The initial plan provided by the school board was that the school could not be occupied because of the asbestos remediation. The option now exists to complete the asbestos abatement during the summer.  What changed?

The procedure changed. The original plan was to remove the asbestos insulation around the steam pipes and then replace the steam pipes with hot water pipes; however, in consultation with the Board’s environmental consultant and Occupational Health and Safety Department it was determined that it was safer and less time consuming to remove the entire steam piping system with the asbestos insulation intact. This procedure complies with Ontario’s Asbestos Regulation. This will reduce the amount of asbestos that is disturbed and allow the asbestos abatement to be completed during the summer.


4. I understand mold has been a problem at Loretto Abbey because of flooding and water infiltration through the building’s foundation, what is being done to address this?

The replacement of the steam pipes with hot water pipes will remove the water source and minimize mold growth in the future. Also, the Facilities Department has made some substantial improvements in the last 4 years involving the school’s foundation and water drainage. If any mold is found during the summer, it will be removed following mold remediation standards developed by the Canadian Construction Association.

5. If I have more questions, who can I contact?

Please send any inquiries to the Facilities Department,


As always, you can also contact the Principal, Anita Bartolini, Vice-Principals, Lisa Gomes and Franco Rubino, and the local Trustee


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Background Information
on Renewal Work


A Loretto Abbey Feasibility Study* completed in 2017 to evaluate the feasibility and costs for renovations to convert undersized, inefficient and unutilized spaces to instructional spaces; and an addition to provide large program spaces that could not be created by conversion of existing spaces, while meeting Board and Ministry of Education standards. The study included a review of all existing building systems with necessary upgrades to be carried out in conjunction with the renovations.


In November of 2019, leaks were discovered in the steam piping.  Other repairs required include replacement of the fire alarm system, electrical upgrades, lighting and interior finishes, window replacement, and installation of A/C in classrooms where feasible. 


* Please note that the studies referenced above were completed prior to 2018 and not all data is current or reflective of the project status and scope to date. 


On Thursday, January 16th, the report “2020-2021 School Relocations Plan” was presented at the TCDSB Corporate Services Committee Meeting. The report noted information that renewal work at Loretto Abbey is required and proposed a site for relocation while renewal work is completed. A community consultation was initiated in order to determine the best approach to accomodate renewal work and the needs of the Loretto Abbey school community.​  

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