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Want to Play a S​port but 

Not Sure if You “Have the Ti​me”?

How badminton, an interactive sport,

is great practice for time management skills.

By: Elora L.


The badminton season has just arrived, which is a great option for students who don’t have much experience with sports. Badminton is a very interactive sport that promotes teamwork skills but also teaches you to think quickly and interact within a fast-paced environment. This interactive sport not only involves the movement of the arms but most of the body as players will need to run to catch the birdie at all times. Unlike sports such as hockey or basketball, badminton is quite accessible as the equipment is affordable and you simply need badminton rackets, a net, and a birdie.


For today’s students, a common worry is not if they can play the sport but if they have the time to do so. Often, students think that they ”have no time” or “have too much homework” and may rethink committing to a team.


In a recent study conducted by Dr. Larry Rosen at California State University, high school students who were told to study for a 15-minute period lost focus after about three minutes. In fact, 80% of students reported switching from studying to doing something related to technology, such as checking email, Facebook or texting. Time itself is not the problem with these students, it is learning to use it wisely – and badminton can help!


Ms. Musalem, a grade 11 biology teacher and one of Loretto’s badminton team coaches, spoke highly of her athletes. There did not seem to be a problem with time management as students tended not to miss a practice as they were committed to the sport. As a coach, Ms. Musalem believes that it is important that students learn valuable organizational, quick thinking, and time management skills and that these lessons often come as a result of joining extracurricular activities.


Having better time management not only means getting your work done quickly, but even budgeting free time for yourself. When you are involved in life outside of the classroom, you have to schedule your time appropriately. Though this may seem difficult, it is possible.


Balancing time means unplugging from technology at appropriate times, focusing your attention, and tackling priorities in order of importance. For example, one strategy could be that the same amount of time spent doing homework is the same amount of phone or screen time. Remember that you have to be fully committed to the task at hand; rather than multitasking, you must focus on one priority at a time. Another strategy used by many students involves music. For those who like to work with music, swap your modern day pop and rap music for classical and/or slow songs that are enjoyable, but not distracting. Create a playlist specifically for homework so it is ready when you need it and you won’t have to waste time trying to find your songs, and share this playlist with your friends.


As mentioned before, badminton is a simple and fun sport, which makes it a great athletic activity that will help you practice good homework habits and organizational skills. Not only that, but badminton also allows you to reduce stress, have fun, and meet other students. Grades are important, but so is stress reduction and improved work habits. Remember to join clubs or teams, work on your time management skills, and can create wonderful memories that will last forever.