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Within a caring and respectful school environment, our learning community has built a proud academic tradition which emphasizes the Math, Science, Computer Technology, Humanities, and the Fine Arts.


​ Department Heads

  • Ms. Laura Caprara: Religion & Philosophy​​
  • Ms. Camille Falletta​​: Resource, ME/D​D
  • Ms. Louise Cheung: Science, Technology
  • Ms. Maria Fera: Student Services (Guidance, Co-op)
  • Ms. Josie Caprara: Math, Business
  • Ms. Vanessa Pinto: English, ELL, French and Library
  • Ms. Emily Ramos: Canadian & World Studies, Social Science and Humanities
  • Mr. Glenn Donovan: Arts and Phys. Ed.



  • Ms. Mary ​DeNisco

St​​udent Su​ccess

  • Ms. Vanessa Pinto: Literacy (ESL / OSSLT)
  • Ms. Maryanne Daniele (School)​