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Our Lady of Fatim​a

In 1917, the country of Portugal, like most of the rest of the world, was at war. About 220,000 Portuguese civilians died during the war; thousands due to food shortages, thousands more from the Spanish flu. Mary’s apparition at Fatima on May 13, 1917 was a message of hope.  Mary appeared six times to three peasant children giving them strength and courage in accepting the Lord’s call. One hundred years later, Fatima will welcome pilgrims from all over the world including the Holy Father, Pope Francis, to commemorate the miracle and declare two of the children,  Jacinta and Francisco Marto, Saints.   

Before leaving Rome on his pilgrimage Pope Francis said that Mary “teaches us the virtue of patience, even when everything seems devoid of meaning,” 

“May Mary, the Mother that Jesus gifted to all of us,
guide our footsteps in moments of hardship!”


In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima,  a carpet of flower petals was laid in our school chapel, leading to the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. This is a tradition common all over Portugal, the rest of Europe and many parts of South America, to mark a procession route. It is a symbol of devotion and thanks. ​