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GSA​ Club​​​

One of the highlights of the​ 2016 school year was the inception of a GSA club. Under the Safe Schools umbrella, GSA clubs have been formed in middle and high schools throughout the Toronto Catholic District School Board as a means of respecting diversity an inclusion. GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) is a student run club which provides a safe place for gay AND straight students to meet, support each other and talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity. It's function is to provide support, build community and encourage change and acceptance.

Loretto's GSA was introduced at a Wellness Day assembly at which a rainbow flag was signed by LCS staff and students, Principal Russiello, Vice Principal, Ms. Leone and CYW, Paulina Onilla. Also on hand as a show of support were the TCDSB social worker, Pina DiRuscio-Young and psychologist, Nancy Weiler.

School Chaplain, Mary Frances DeNisco, referred to the Parable of the Good Shepherd in her comments about the importance and inclusion of EVERYONE in the flock. "As Catholics and as Christians, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to build community characterized by a culture of BELONGING. It is NOT our job to judge people. To exclude ANYONE is unacceptable behavior of the highest degree. It is NOT our style to criticize, judge, condemn, bully or reject people who are different than us. IT IS our style to accept people, with their differences, and to provide them, AT LEAST, with safety, compassion and kindness."​​