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Midget, Junior and Senior players are encouraged to try out for badminton, which takes place from January - April.​



- Mr. Fiorella 
- Mr. Tinto

Basketball, Junior & Senior 

​Practice drills, focus on fast defensive footwork and player communication.  Team development is our focus.



Mr. Paterna
- Ms. Onilla
- Mr. Reszczynski

​Cross Country

Anyone and everyone can run....some more, some less, some faster, others slower.  The cross country running club is open to all students of all abilities.  Some students prefer to compete while others run simply for fun.  We will slowly improve your speed and distance while greatly improving your fitness level. We have qualified for OFSAA in the past two years.


- Mr. Tinto
- Mrs. C. Tourangeau​


Despite the challenging weather, dedication and skill is what is guaranteeing the success of the team.

- Ms. Filippelli 
- Mr. Tinto


Practice key drills that reinforce the proper mechanics and fundamental skills used in Softball.



- Mr. Paterna
- Ms. Canas
- Mr. Tinto

​Table Tennis

Table Tennis, aka Ping Pong, needs​​​ members that can think and react quickly to a ball that is up to one metre from your zone at any second; senior and junior members have received a medal at the TDCAA competitions.


Mrs. Santos-DeSousa
- Ms. Canas


We have qualified for OFSAA twice in the last eight years. We are fortunate in being able to use the Wychwood Park Tennis Club for morning practises.


- Mr. Tinto

​Track And Field

For the past 3 years, our discus throwers and shot putters have won gold, silver and bronze at the TDCAA and City Championships and represented Loretto at OFSAA.  Our sprinters and long distance runners have also fared well in all competitions.  This club is open to all students, whether they wish to compete or simply train to improve their fitness.

Mr. Tinto
- Mrs. C. Tourangeau


​**Junior Basketball

​Practice drills focus on fast defensive footwork, player communication.  Team development is our focus.

Ms. Pedrosa


​Volleyball, Junior and Senior 

Serves, clean bumps, perfect sets, and powerful hits given by the school's volleyball players have allowed us to win championship titles and tournaments. Loretto also hosts an annual junior and senior volleyball tournament every November.​​

- Mr. Tinto
- Ms. Fonseca

Mental Health

TCDSB’s commitment to student wellbeing and achievement figures prominently in its Board Learning Improvement Plan ( BLIP). TCDSB’s BLIP incorporates student well‐being and achievement as one of its primary system goals. This strategy is part of a larger board vision to craft safe, healthy, engaging and inclusive schools, and aims to support the overall TCDSB Board Learning Improvement Plan.

Student engagement is contingent to a large degree upon student mental health and wellbeing. Student mental health is inextricably tied to student engagement and achievement. This strategy recognises that mental health is critical in the promotion of student success and wellbeing. TCDSB’s Mental Health Strategy will endeavour to address this fundamental area in an effort to assist our students to reach their fullest potential.

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