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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Loretto College Advances to Provincial Showcase

On Saturday, April 13 Loretto College School's original production "A Dark Horse in Low Light" was selected to advance to the Ontario Provincial Showcase of the National Theatre School of Canada Drama Festival. In Toronto,  only two of forty nine productions are given this honour. "A Dark Horse in Low Light" exposes the systemic racism ingrained in photographic technologies. Regional adjudicator, Shaista Latif explained that the production spoke, "to the challenges and complexities of race in a ways that are thoughtful and considerate." This student written, directed and composed piece received a standing ovation and had Shaista exclaim that she, "wanted to get up on (her) feet and yell and scream, but also clap (her) hands so hard that (her) palms were bleeding".  Congratulations to the entire company! 


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