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​​​​​Think About Campaign​ 2015/16


This Think About initiative will teach our students to accept responsibility for their actions and to act compassionately.


As part of thi​s campaign, Loretto’s grade 10 art students created paper relief sculptures that visually communicated positive messages. The messages displayed around the school will continue to inspire and allow students to think about ways to act respectfully as a person formed in a Catholic tradition.


The students in the DD/ME class created lanterns based on the Mary Ward quote below and presented them to each homeroom as a gift. These lanterns are symbols that represent our Loretto community. The light that shines through these lanterns signify an understanding of forgiveness and empathy.


​ ​Mary Ward Quote​:

“We may not carry great​ torches which cast the brilliant light of day on the Church 
and on the world, 
but we shall carry little lanterns instead which light up ...the hearts of the young, 
the poor, and al​​l people who are in n​eed.”​​




 Ms. Gaglione's Grade 10 Art Class

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​​This campaign is a collaboration with Mrs. Onilla’s Stude​​nt Action Team, 

Ms. Gaglione’s Grade 10 art classes, and Ms. Pacheco, and Mr. Da Silva’s DD/ME classes. ​​