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School Schedules

Each student is issued a timetable showing his/her courses with their respective period, teacher and room number.  However, due to liturgies or assemblies, the regular schedule is occasionally altered.  Below are the three schedules your son or daughter will follow:  

REGULAR:                                                                           LITURGY/ASSEMBLIES: 


Period 1:                               8:40-9:59*                           Period 1:                              8:40-11:04*
Period 2                               10:03-11:19                          Period 2                               11:07-12:07
Period 3A Lunch                  11:23-12:39                         Period 3A  Lunch                 12:07-1:07  
                                               12:39-1:15                                                                         1:07-1:47
Period 3B Lunch                   11:59-1:15                           Period 3B Lunch                 12:47-1:47
11:19-11:59                                                                                                                       12:07-12:47
Period 4                                 1:19-2:35                              Period 4                               1:47-2:47
*includes opening exercises and announcements
Period 1: 9:40—10:40* 
Period 2: 10:44—11:44
Period 3A: 11:48—12:48
Lunch        12:48— 1:28
Period 3B: 12:28—1:28
Lunch       11:48—12:28
Period 4:  1:32—2:32
September 5                      January 9
September19                     January 23
October 3                            February 6
October 17                          February 20
November 7                        March 6
December 12                      March 27
 April 10                               May 1
 May 15                                May 29



Daily Attendance Procedures

Each student is required to be present for morning attendance in full uniform and prepared to begin work at 8:40 a.m.  On days with alternate schedules, students are to be prepared to begin class at the indicated time. 
When a student is absent, a parent/guardian is requested to inform the school between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on the day of the absence.  If the parent/guardian is unable to phone the school, a note from the parent/guardian explaining the reason for the absence is required when the student returns to school.  Please see the Code of Behaviour for more information regarding attendance. 
Students will be given consequences for repeated lates.  These may include detentions, suspensions or community service, depending on the circumstances.  Consequences will be given at the discretion of school administration.   
It is a student’s responsibility to attend all classes scheduled on his/her timetable.  Skips are unacceptable.  The school must have accurate information regarding students’ attendance at all times.  If a student chooses to be absent from class without parent or school permission, the absence will be considered a skip.  A student may be given a suspension at the discretion of the principal. Habitual skips will result in further suspensions or other interventional strategies by administration and School-Based Support Team.