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Drama is an excellent means of developing self-confidence and self-expression. Our drama students perform in city competitions such as Sears Ontario Drama Festival. The department assists with school masses and stages cabarets, coffee houses , variety nights, and school-wide theatrical productions. As well, our students participate in performances in our feeder elementary schools and for retirement homes. Drama students also enjoy the benefit of participating in workshops that are run by field-based professionals. The drama program at Marshall McLuhan begins in Grade 9 and is offered throughout the four years of high school. The curriculum offers students the opportunity to express themselves both on and off stage. Drama students develop a strong self-image which helps them in their other courses as well as preparing them for post-secondary programs and their future.
Why study drama?
Performance is about communication, and we live in a society where the arts of communication are more important than ever before. To study Drama is to acquire immensely valuable life and career skills, including the ability to express your ideas individually and in groups, on paper, in performance , in person , and through technology.


 Upcoming Events in Drama: 

October 2018 - Auditions for Blithe Spirit Dinner Theatre


November/December Drama Trip to NYC

January 17 - Drama Showcase Coffee House  


Early 2019 - Feeder school Workshops

Past Productions

Let's Murder Marsha (2018)

Rumours (2017)

High School for Dummies (2015)

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 let's murder marsha poster.pdflet's murder marsha poster.pdf






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