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Heath and Physical Education

At Marshall McLuhan, Health and Physical Education focuses on nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of students through teaching academics and physical activity.  The program uses sport and fitness as a vehicle to teach and foster the concepts of fair play, discipline, and goal setting in light of Catholic Gospel values.   
Through the activity program, students learn Christian leadership skills as they work effectively as interdependent team members.  Intermediate courses (grades 9 and 10) have a team sport focus whereas senior students can select from team or individual activity courses. 
The goal of McLuhan's Health and Physical Education program is participation!  We strive to make physical activity a positive experience for all students so that leading a balanced lifestyle becomes a lifelong endeavor.

Course Offerings



Healthy Active Living Education
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
Focus Courses
Grade 11
Grade 12
Healthy Living and Personal Fitness Activities
PAF3OV – Girls’
PAF3OU – Co-ed
Healthy Living and Personal Fitness Activities
PAF4OV – Girls’
PAF4OU – Co-ed
Healthy Living and Individual and Small-Group Activities
Grade 12
Introductory Kinesiology – University Preparation - PSK4U
Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership – University/College Preparation – PLF4M



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McLuhan is proud to offer a High School Specialist Major in Sport starting the 2014-2015 School year.

Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education grant has funded our Grade 11 snow tubing day in 2014 and 2015.
Department Members 2017-2018
Mr. Luke Baxter
​Ms. Lisa Faria
Mr. Francis Finnision
Ms. Kellie Guzzo
Ms. Jane Marum
Ms. Laura Tomasicchio
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