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McLuhan Track


On May 28th, McLuhan won the Senior Boys METRO title and were 3rd in the JR Girls with only 3 girls (Rasheeda Gurley, Brittney Dos Santos, and Marina Saleeb). Here is the most exciting news... 20 McLuhan TRACK athletes qualified for OFSAA this year!!! That means that 1/4 of the team qualified for OFSAA.  The boys on the METRO SR team were: Akeem Stephenson, Conor Thibeault, Ezana Wossen, Michael Zubieta, Gilberto Garcia, Ngige Gordon, and Erik Ferreira. 
It was a fantastic two days with so many ups and downs. Ending the day with a team title definitely helped us leave with smiles. I think the greatest moment of the meet was watching the 4x400m team run, and with 10m left in the race, the 4th runner, Ezana, looked back, realized they were going to make OFSAA and burst into a giant smile as he soared across the finish line running a 49.00s split over 400m. It might be one of my favourite moments of my coaching career thus far. They also smashed the school record and are now ranked in the top 8 at OFSAA with 3:26.00. 
All in all, great competition!
Jane Marum
Teacher Coach
Train hard, win easy.
On May 21st and 22nd, McLuhan TRACK competed at the TDCAA Championships at Centennial Stadium. Here are some of the highlights:
TEAM placements:
Midget Girls - 2nd (Loretto Abbey - 1st)
Midget Boys - 3rd (Neil McNeil - 1st, Chaminade - 2nd)
Junior Girls - 3rd (Bishop Allen - 1st, Loretto Abbey - 2nd)
Junior Boys - 5th (Neil McNeil - 1st, Chaminade - 2nd, Henry Carr - 3rd, Michael Power - 4th)
Senior Girls - 11th (Bishop Allen - 1st, Michael Power - 2nd, Henry Carr - 3rd)
Senior Boys - 1st - CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!! (142 points!! - 2nd place had 89 points)
Overall Girls - 3rd (Loretto Abbey - 1st, Bishop Allen - 2nd)
Overall Boys - 2nd (Chaminade - 1st)
Set new Personal Bests:
Thomas Tavares - 100m - 11.82s (previously 12.31s, down 0.49s)
Thomas Tavares - 200m - 27.34s (previously 26.01s, down 1.33s)
Patrick Aguinaldo - 100m - 12.65s (previously 13.29s, down 0.64s)
Aaron Garcia - 100m - 12.92s (previously 13.72s, down 0.60s)
Samuel Correa - 200m - 24.77s (previously 26.07s, down 1.30s)
Kyle Cabral - 200m - 27.83s (previously 29.23s, down 1.40s)
Charles Dela Cruz - 200m - 27.93s (previously 28.20s, down 0.27s)
Cheska Santos - 80mH - 16.35s (previously 17.12s, down 0.77s)
Cheska Santos - 300mH - 57.73s (previously 59.88s, down 2.15s)
Inez Wirawan - 80mH - 16.71s (previously 17.66s, down 0.95s)
Inez Wirawan - 300mH - 59.76s (previously 1:01.22, down 1.46s)
Tracey Dao - 80mH - 17.32s (previously 17.74s, down 0.42s)
Kent Supat - 100mH - 17.88s (previously 18.79s, down 1.11s)
Kent Supat - 300mH - 49.28s (previously 50.20s, down 0.91s)
Edrik Inocentes - 100mH - 17.88s (previously 19.93s, down 2.02s)
Edrik Inocentes - Triple Jump - 9.73m (previously 9.44m, further 29cm)
Jaylord Matalang - 100mH - 17.95s (previously 17.96s, down 0.01s)
Jaylord Matalang - 300mH - 46.81s (previously 47.27s, down 0.46s)
Sheri Okungbowa - Shot Put - 10.62m (previously 9.89m, further 73cm)
Sheri Okungbowa - Discus - 21.23m (previously 16.18m, further 5.05m)
Shania Simon - Discus - 14.12m (previously 9.46m, further 4.66m)
Shania Simon - Javelin - 15.40m (previously 8.62m, further 6.78m)
Dennis Adu - Discus - 35.59m (previously 33.30m, further 2.29m)
Dennis Adu - Javelin - 37.82m (previously 35.67m, further 2.15m)
Stefania Haase - Javelin - 16.70m (previously 15.52m, further 1.18m)
Brittney Dos Santos - 400m - 1:03.96 (previously 1:08.70, down 4.74s)
Brittney Dos Santos - 300mH - 49.39s (previously 49.60s, down 0.21s)
Michael Zubieta - 400m - 53.83s (previously 54.20s, down 0.37s)
Michael Zubieta - 800m - 2:07.45 (previously 2:08.63, down 1.18s)
Joel Cabral - 400m - 56.96s (previously 58.05s, down 1.09s)
Joel Cabral - 800m - 2:19.54 (previously 2:19.60, down 0.06s)
Tavis Alexander - Long Jump - 4.58m (previously 4.42m, further 16cm)
Marina Saleeb - Javelin - 18.46m (previously 10.26m, further 8.20m)
Johan Todi - Javelin - 33.86m (previously 32.80m, further 1.06m)
Hugh D'Addario - Javelin - 26.58m (previously 24.78m, further 1.80m)
Adrian Iraheta - Javelin - 20.79m (previously 19.34m, further 1.45m)
Shaira Mayers - 100m - 14.08s (previously 14.36s, down 0.28s)
Trish Mukura - 100m - 14.98s (previously 15.06s, down 0.08s)
Erica Pagaduan - 100m - 15.03s (previously 15.22s, down 0.19s)
Jordan Hamori - 100m - 12.16s (previously 12.17s, down 0.01s)
Jordan Hamori - 200m - 24.83s (previously 25.30s, down 0.47s)
Jordan Hamori - 400m - 55.58s (previously 56.91s, down 1.33s)
Conor Thibeault - 100m - 11.08s (previously 11.12s, down 0.04s)
Conor Thibeault - 200m - 22.88s (previously 22.98s, down 0.10s)
Conor Thibeault - Triple Jump - 11.08m (previously 10.97m, further 11cm)
Giorgio Fallico - 200m - 22.92s (previously 23.38s, down 0.46s)
Gilberto Garcia - 400m - 52.69s (previously 54.03s, down 1.34s)
Gilberto Garcia - 110mH - 16.94s (previously 17.21s, down 0.27s)
Diego Mateos - 400m - 56.09s (previously 57.70s, down 1.61s)
Ezana Wossen - 800m - 1:55.61 (previously 1:55.99, down 0.38s)
Eric Boszin - 800m - 2:09.77 (previously 2:11.41, down 1.64s)
Paul Nunez - 3000m - 10:39.58 (previously 11:23.59, down 44.01s)
Paul Nunez - 2000mSC - 7:15.06 (previously 7:48.14, down 33.08s)
Alyssa Cabrido - 100mH - 18.91s (previously 19.82s, down 0.91s)
Alyssa Cabrido - Long Jump - 4.39m (previously 3.33m, further 6cm)
Raffles Zhu - 110mH - 21.87s (previously 23.90s, down 2.03s)
Ngige Gordon - High Jump - 1.79m (previously 1.75m, up 4cm)
Akeem Stephenson - Triple Jump - 13.95m (previously 13.02m, further 93cm)
Michael Adjei-Peters - Triple Jump - 13.92m (previously 13.52m, further 40cm)
Jason Clarence - Triple Jump - 10.87m (previously 9.79m, further 1.08m)
Erik Ferreira - Discus - 45.94m (previously 38.56m, further 7.38m)
Erik Ferreira - Javelin - 36.49m (previously 31.71m, further 4.78m)
Brian Garcia - Discus - 28.95m (previously 25.12m, further 3.83m)
Eric Boszin - 2000mSC - 6:56.31 (previously 7:07.00, down 10.69s)
BROKE/TIED school records:
Dennis Adu - Discus - 35.59m (previously held by Dennis Adu, 33.30m, from 2015)
Dennis Adu - Javelin - 37.82m (previously held by Dennis Adu, 35.67m, from 2015)
Brittney Dos Santos - 400m - 1:03.96 (previously held by Alicia Camacho, 1:07.93, from 2013)
Rasheeda Gurley - Long Jump - 5.10m (previously held by Kamila Haase, 5.02m, from 2014)
JR Girls 4x100m - Rasheeda, Brittney, Elizabeth, Shauntia - 52.90s (previously held by Kamila, Alyssa, Rasheeda, Brittney, 52.96s, from 2014)
Shaira Mayers - 100m - 14.08s (previously held by Shaira Mayers, 14.36s, from 2015)
Conor Thibeault - 100m - 11.08s (previously held by Conor Thibeault 11.26s, from 2014)
Conor Thibeault - 200m - 22.88s (previously held by Giorgio Fallico 23.13s, from 2015)
Ezana Wossen - 800m - 1:55.61 (previously held by Ezana Wossen, 1:56.20, from 2015)
Alyssa Cabrido - 100mH - 18.91s (previously held by Kamila Haase, 19.48s, from 2015)
Gilberto Garcia - 110mH - 16.94s (previously held by Gilberto Garcia, 17.21s, from 2015)
Akeem Stephenson - Triple Jump - 13.95m (previously held by Michael Adjei-Peters, 13.52m, from 2015)
Kamila Haase - Discus - 28.29m (previously held by Lilian Gonzales, 24.54m, from 2006)
Eric Ferreira - Discus - 45.94m (previously held by Erik Ferreira, 38.56m, from 2015)
Eric Boszin - 2000mSC - 6:56.31 (previously held by Eric Boszin, 7:07.00, from 2014)
SR Boys 4x400m - Gee, TBeau, Zubi, Ezana - 3:32.24 (previously held by TBeau, Gee, Giorgio, Zubi, 3:41.19, from 2014)
Medalists/McLuhan TRACK 2015 METRO qualifiers:
Cheska Santos - 80mH (4th), 300mH (4th)
Jaylord Matalang - 300mH (4th)
Shauntia Pierre-Thompson - High Jump (2nd)
Marvin Del Mundo - Long Jump (2nd), Triple Jump (3rd)
Kent Supat - Long Jump (3rd)
Samuel Correa - Long Jump (4th)
Sheri Okungbowa - Shot Put (2nd), Discus (2nd)
Dennis Adu - Shot Put (3rd), Discus (4th), Javelin (1st)
Stefania Haase - Javelin (2nd)
Midget Boys 4x100m (Kent, Thomas, Marvin, Sam, Patrick) (2nd)
Brittney Dos Santos - 400m (2nd), 300mH (1st), Discus (4th)
Michael Zubieta - 400m (4th), 800m (2nd)
Rasheeda Gurley - 80mH (1st), High Jump (2nd), Long Jump (1st)
Joel Cabral - 300mH (4th)
Elizabeth Jolaoso - Long Jump (4th)
Pedro Ferreira - Triple Jump (3rd)
Marina Saleeb - Javelin (3rd)
Johan Todi - Javelin (4th)
JR Girls 4x100m (Rasheeda, Brittney, Elizabeth, Shauntia, Inez) (4th)
Conor Thibeault - 100m (3rd)
Ezana Wossen - 400m (2nd), 800m (2nd)
Alyssa Cabrido - 100mH (4th)
Gilberto Garcia - 110mH (4th), 400mH (2nd)
Akeem Stephenson - High Jump (1st), Long Jump (1st), Triple Jump (1st)
Michael Adjei-Peters - High Jump (2nd), Triple Jump (2nd)
Ngige Gordon - High Jump (4th)
Kamila Haase - Shot Put (4th), Discus (3rd)
Erik Ferreira - Shot Put (2nd)
Samuel Forbes - 100m Amb. (1st)
Karlo Rodriguez - 100m Int. (3rd)
Domenic Maio - 100m Int. (4th)
Joshua Japay - 100m Int. (2nd)
Dylan Ritter - 200mWC (1st), 400mWC (1st)
Athlete of the week:
Akeem Stephenson
Grade 12, Jumps
There were so many amazing performances this week to choose from but Akeem definitely helped the SR Boys clench the banner with a perfect 30 points (3 Gold medals). Outstanding competition level and he pushed other McLuhan athletes to try to better his best. He and Rasheeda were named "Athlete of the Meet" for TDCAA. Congrats to you both. 
Congratulations to everyone! OUTSTANDING meet!! SOOOOO many personal best performances. METROs tomorrow and Thursday at Birchmount Stadium!!
Train hard, win easy.
Ms. Marum