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Major Charitable Projects: 2014-2015

 This year has proved once again just how very charitable we are as school community. In keeping with the Board's Pastoral Plan theme, we have demonstrated amazing charitable spirit, "taking heart" and reaching out to those in need.

Advent Charitable Campaign: SCAW

  “Love has no meaning if it isn’t shared. Love has to be put into action.” 
-Mother Teresa

SCAW Live Blog​

In this year of Charity, we at McLuhan continue to extend our generosity to those less fortunate. In the Advent season, we centered our giving to support an incredible organization that works tirelessly to improve the lives of children in developing countries: Sleeping Children Around The Word (SCAW). SCAW provides bed kits containing basic necessities, including a mattress, school uniform and supplies. Every $35 purchases a bed kit and this in turn saves a child’s life. Via our Peer Ministry Team, the McLuhan community worked together to raise  over $15, 000 for this beautiful initiative. 
 Here is one story, only one from the many I have been privileged to witness throughout this campaign...  I approached a student who had reportedly purchased 8 bed kits on his own ($280). He confirmed that he had in fact done so. The reason why brought tears to his eyes, and my own. This student had watched his young friend many years ago die from malaria. He told me that when he walked away from the hospital on that dark day ingrained in his memory, he mourned the fact that he couldn't do anything to save his dear friend. So many years later, he was donating to SCAW because this was his way of honouring his childhood friend. He couldn't save that child but he could save 8 today with his gift. I am humbled and inspired by these stories of charity in action and truly "take heart" at the compassionate spirit that is alive and well at McLuhan.
As we prepared to receive the Christ Child at Christmas, we at McLuhan remembered that Jesus was born into poverty, much like the children we were reaching out to with our Advent Charitable Campaign. Our Peer Ministers, under the guidance of Chaplain Mrs. Linda Izzo and support of CYW Ms. Ada Alampi, pledged that “we won’t sleep until they do.” It is with absolute pride and joy that we celebrate the generosity of this community, one that "took heart" in Jesus’ words:  “For I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” (Mt 25:35)

 SCAW Thank You Letter.pdfSCAW Thank You Letter.pdf


Bears taped to office windows indicating our purchased bedkits


Lenten Charitable Campaign: Project SMILE

  "Peace begins with a smile." (Blessed Mother Teresa)
In the Lenten Season, we at Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School turn our focus once again to reaching out to those in need. This year our Lenten charitable campaign is entitled “PROJECT SMILE,” supporting an outstanding organization in Toronto that helps care for some of our city’s most vulnerable. We are partnering with WomenAide, a non-profit group, whose mission is to donate “goods-in-kind” to women and children who have suffered abuse. Since 2006, WomenAide has collected and donated thousands of personal care products to those in need. These goods have been distributed to women’s abuse shelters in Toronto such as Women’s Habitat, Ernestine’s, ETA Vaughan, Red Door Family Shelter and Nellie’s.
In order to support the noble work of WomenAide and extend our compassion to victims of domestic abuse, we are launching “PROJECT SMILE." SMILE stands for Show Mercy In Lenten Efforts” and will focus on the collection of dental care products for women’s abuse shelters. We will collect toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss and mouthwash for the forty days of Lent. Our campaign is being officially launched on February 18th at our Ash Wednesday Masses and will end April 7th.  We hope to collect thousands of items in our pink bags for women and children escaping violence, as well as bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence.
 SMILE bags.jpg
SMILE Group.jpg