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Toronto Catholic District School Board


India has its share of YearBook publications, be it Penguin publications informative "Penguin Year book" (Editor Derek O' Brian) or Scholastic India's colour illustrated edition or, rather competitive exam friendly yearbooks like "Pratiyogita Darpan yeabook","Competition Success Refresher yearbook". India has always drawn readers from various walks of life and it has a good market of yearbooks; not to mention its readers are still in some way less inclined to Digital Reading for the fact that a handful of Indians have access to Computer/Smart phones and even lesser a e-book reader like Amazon kindle that costs around Rs.15000-25000. However,considering the fact that we have a large chunk of Digitally Literated audience,the digital medias are slowly replacing the printed version of year books. Like the recent Book-Fair 2012 in kolkata ,see Kolkata Book Fair 2012, that has a relatively lower number of readers who seek a yearbook as they already have access to the news and current affairs from Internet,News channels etc.