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History Meets Humanity Student Conference

TCDSB Secondary students attended the conference “History Meets Humanity” on March 31st at Marshall McLuhan C.S.S.
The conference  emphasized the importance of developing global consciousness and intercultural competencies in our youth. Critically understanding history, specifically WWII in Asia history, plays a part in expanding their horizons in understanding humanity, war, and social justice. Beyond learning more about the atrocities and human rights violations from WWII in Asia so that they have a more global perspective on the significance and causes and effects from WWII, we hope that students will be inspired to engage in any issue that speaks to them.
The conference is a joint venture with ALPHA (Association for Learning and Preserving the History of WWII in Asia)whose mission is to promote the learning and critical understanding of the history of WWII in Asia and the atrocities of war, to affirm the values of justice, peace and reconciliation from a humanity perspective.
Flora Chong, President of ALPHA, addressed the students
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TCDSB HMH_informational package.pdfTCDSB HMH_informational package.pdf