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Extended French​ – Français intensif

The Extended French Program is a continuation of the elementary Extended French Program, Grades 5-8.  Students are taught French as a subject, and French serves as the language of instruction in at least one other subject.  At the secondary level, there are academic courses in Extended French in Grades 9 and 10, and university preparation courses in Grades 11 and 12.


Throughout the Extended French Program, students learn:


ü  to use French to communicate and interact effectively in a variety of social settings;

ü  about Canada, its two official languages, and other cultures;

ü  to appreciate and acknowledge the interconnectedness and interdependence of the global community;

ü  to be responsible for their own learning, as they work independently and in groups;

ü  to use effective language learning strategies;

ü  to become life-long language learners for personal growth and for active participation as world citizens



At Marshall McLuhan C.S.S., students in the Extended French Program will accumulate seven (7) credits in French as follows:


ü  4 credits in Extended French / Français intensif, Grades 9-12

ü  1 credit in Canadian Geography / Géographie du Canada (CGC1DF), Grade 9

ü  1 credit in Canadian History / Histoire du Canada (CHC2DF), Grade 10

ü  1 credit in World Religions / Grandes religions (HRT3MF), Grade 11


Upon graduation, Grade 12 students who have completed the Extended French Program requirements listed above are eligible for the TCDSB Extended French Certificate / Certificat de Français intensif.


For more information about the Extended French Program, please contact:


Ms. T. Scarangella

(Department Head, Canadian & World Studies/French) 

Ms. A. Franco

(FSL Extended French Teacher)


"To have another language is to possess a second soul."- Charlemagne