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Principal's Message
It is with great pleasure that I address you as the Principal of Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School (MWCSS). You only need to walk the halls or stop by the School’s resource areas to experience what an exciting environment MWCSS is.  Students are eager to learn, and faculty and administrators are continuously thinking of new and innovative ways to meet the needs of their students.
The learning community at MWCSS believes that student formation is best facilitated through a program of self-directed learning.  This program calls upon every student to be a leader in an achievement-oriented environment which promotes decision-making, communication, collaboration, and faith development. 
Our school motto is Because We Believe.
We believe that the cornerstone of a successful self-directed learning program is the Teacher Advisor/Teacher Advisee relationship, supported by parents, support staff, and school administrators. 
At Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School, we believe students learn best when they:
·    Feel they are a valued member of a caring, Catholic community
·    See purpose in their learning
·    Set their own learning goals
·    Relate directly to a teacher advisor who monitors their progress and
     serves a s a mentor
·    Follow an individualized and personalized program
·    Have the time and space to actively pursue individualized learning
     in a facility designed to complement this unique learning environment
In 1995, MWCSS became a founding member of the Canadian Coalition of Self-Directed Learning Schools (CCSDL).  The CCSDL is a grass roots organization comprised of secondary schools across Canada that shares a similar vision and philosophy.  CCSDL schools strive to build learning communities that embrace several core beliefs about teaching and learning.  These beliefs serve as “the pillars and the foundation” of the program.
Our school offers a strong extra-curricular program in the arts and sports areas, and encourages participation in a wide assortment of clubs and activities including Social Justice Groups, Newspaper, Yearbook, Drama, Band, Choir, Yearbook, Student Council, and others.  There is no reason for a Mary Ward student not to be involved.  If there is not an existing activity that is of interest, there are always students who are ready to take on a leadership role to initiate a new group.
MWCSS is a special, welcoming place, and a great environment in which to mature as you journey through your high school years.  You will not find a more caring, dedicated, and committed faculty, administration, and support staff who truly believe our students are second to none.
We believe in the talent of all our students, and we strive as a community for all to reach their full potential.