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School History And Tradition
front of mary wardMary Ward Catholic Secondary School is a co-educational secondary school founded in 1985 by the Metropolitan Separate School Board (now Toronto Catholic District School Board). The school is named after Mary Ward, founder of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loretto Sisters) and carries the traditions of Christian community and excellence in education that have been developed by the Loretto Sisters. The school occupies a wonderful new building at the corner of McNicoll Avenue and Kennedy Road in Scarborough.
Founded in 1985, the school is one of only seven in Canada which offers a unique mode of curriculum delivery emphasizing individualized learning and self-paced progress. The individualized learning is coupled with a unique and highly acclaimed teacher advisor-student program. A complete slate of academic programs is offered at all levels of study. Programs of a specialty nature such as English as a Second Language, gifted studies, extended French, cooperative education, technology, music, drama and visual arts are also available. In addition the school offers a full range of co-curricular athletics, student clubs and spiritual program which form an integral part of the entire school curriculum.
At Mary Ward the students are taught the responsibility of learning and the value of appropriate time management.

The History of Mary Ward
mary wardMary Ward (1585-1645)
Founder of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, she was born into a world not unlike ours in difficulties. How contemporary with us was her foresight in championing women's role in spreading God's compassion;how many today struggle as she did for the triumph of truth and justice. For us, and we hope for you, she continues to share her zealous vitality.

Early Life
Born in 1585 into a devoted family in Yorkshire, from childhood Mary Ward knew religious prosecution, not unlike trouble spots in today's world: raids, imprisonment, executions. Frequently separated from her family for her own protection, Mary was inspired by their steadfast heroism.

At age 15 Mary Ward was called to become religious. Since religious communities had been dispersed decades previously in England, and on the continent cloistered life was the only option for women at that time, she left England to become a Poor Clare. Through special graced insights God showed her that she was to do something different and greatly to God's glory.