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Here are some free documentaries offered during COVID-19 school suspension period:

Netflix has a series of documentaries on their youtube channel 

Access to Canadian films are being offered free online through CBC  and ONF NFB


Here is the article and the links






Hot Docs for Schools Free documentaries
Another six documentary films have been added to the Docs For Schools At Home page.


New:  (if not seeing these films refresh the page)

  1. Chasing Coral:  A film by Jeff Orlowski who also made the popular Chasing Ice
  2. Gasland: The doc that introduced the word ‘fracking’ into our vocabulary
  3. Greta Thunberg:  Climate Activism and the Youth Movement:  compiled content from CBC News
  4. Inventing Tomorrow:  Our most popular 2019 in-school film.   NOTE: only available until May 8, and the pw to view is just above film blurb
  5. This Is Climate Change: Melting Ice (VR, but 360 offers a unique perspective w/headset)
  6. Water Warriors:  Canadian story that is still in the news


Changes to the site:

  • You can now find films by film length.  At the top of the page under THE FILMS heading,  you will see in green font the different film lengths.  Films are listed alphabetically under each length category.
  • A list of broad subject areas are now noted with each film.