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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Launch of City of Toronto Earth Week


A group of our Grade 9 artists are proud to have been selected by the city of Torontos Environment and Energy Department to create a unique sculpture installation that will commemorate this years Clean Toronto Together Campaign. 
These young and talented artists have embarked on the creation of an amazing, ambitious work of art that will be featured prominently at City Hall, beginning with the campaigns media launch on Friday, April 4th. 
Common, everyday kitchen garbage cans, the style in which the lid flips up when a foot pedal is depressed, bear a striking resemblance to a modern building, though on a much-reduced scale. These cans, when combined with many others of various shapes and sizes, presents a trash-can model version of Torontos downtown core.  The viewer will be able to interact with the piece, stepping on one of several levers to raise the lid of one of these architectural garbage cans to reveal a surprising message. 
Mary Wards young artists believe that the problem of litter pervades our entire city marring its striking beauty. Beyond the facade of glimmering buildings lies the reality that much is wasted, discarded and not always efficiently recycled as it so easily could be.  Only through a collaborative effort by everyone can we hope to Clean Toronto Together.
This sculpture installation will be on display at Torontos City Hall Rotunda from April 4th until April 17th and then be shown at a variety of venues including Mary Wards Multi-media exhibition Cartography from May 5th until May 9th.
Mary Wards Art Collective includes:
Amy Vaz
Aiken Chau
Terra Pham
Casey Bas
Victor Li
Simon Peiris
Kent Paul
Jerline Dikitanan
Michelle Tang
Sarah Phen
Cian Hrabi
Elisha Manila
Robyn Ching
Emilie Fung