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Mary Ward Robotics Team Wins Judges Award

On Friday March 13 2015, 22 students from the Mary Ward Catholic Secondary school took part in the FIRST Robotics Competition at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. The team of 7 girls and 15 boys led by their teacher, Mr. Emer, worked together after school to create a robot to complete the challenge dubbed ‘Recycle Rush.’ The students were effectively able to apply their knowledge and skills gained through the SHSM Construction Program to the building of the robot.  Participants were tasked with stacking recycling bins, or totes, on top of each other in order to score the most points. 
A total of 47 teams participated in the three day competition which featured both rookie and veteran teams squaring off to secure a spot at the FIRST Robotics World Competition in April, where qualifying teams will travel to Louisville Missouri to compete against the best robotics teams in the world. The robotics team did very well for the duration of the competition. We were the only rookie team to be picked to join the alliance for the finals! We ended with a very high average, working with the best teams of the entire competition. During the closing ceremonies, we were awarded the Judges Award for our positive attitude towards robotics as well as our ingenuity in using recycled materials to make to robot for the competition called 'Recycle Rush.' Overall, we are very proud of our progress and would like to continue to grow our team and success in the years to come.
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