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Mary Ward TEJ Students Win Second Prize in Mechatronic Car Contest

On Saturday April 17 2015, Mary Ward Computer Engineering Technology students Kevin Pirabaharan and Olivia Yeung took part in the Mechatronics Car Contest organized by Professional Engineers Ontario, Scarborough Chapter.  They won the second prize of the performance award in the senior category.
Kevin and Olivia2.jpg
The contest consisted of two parts, knowledge test of each group and a car race for a distance of 20 meters on a flat, smooth floor.  A total of 45 students joined the contest, and Mary Ward was the only participant from TCDSB.  With the support of their teacher, Ms Chan, Kevin and Olivia designed and built the second fastest car in the senior category.  Through this contest, Kevin and Olivia met professional engineers and gained more knowledge about the new and upcoming area of engineering known as Mechatronics.
Kevin and Olivia4.jpg
Kevin and Olivia3.jpg
Kevin and Olivia.jpg