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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Anti-Bullying Week at Mary Ward CSS – November 19 to 23, 2019

Mary Ward’s Safe Schools Ambassador Team hosted a fantastic Anti-Bullying Week!  The students planned and offered daily events with the focus on building healthy relationships and promoting a safe and inclusive school community.  Some of these events included creating a tree made of positive messages on sticky notes, representing our roots within Christ.  Everyone was encouraged to continue to grow together and spread positivity in our community.  Our Safe Schools Ambassador Team attended the TCDSB Symposium and learned about how to keep our school safe.  We implemented some of the great initiatives in our own school with ‘Because I Believe’ individual pledges and ‘Because We Believe’ flags.  These flags will be joined together in a banner and placed in our school for all to see.  A special thanks to Toronto Public Health for presenting to our students about ‘Building Healthy Relationships’ and thanks to everyone for your participation!  ‘Stay Safe, Mary Ward!’

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