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Toronto Catholic District School Board

​Last Show under the Direction of John Notten, our beloved Arts Department Head, before we bid him farewell as he takes off as a full-time artist! 

Facade - May 2019

IMG_1804.JPG IMG_1741.JPG
A tunnel was built in the cafeteria for the Art Show so visitors can experienced artwork in a different way!
IMG_1743.JPGIMG_1744.JPG   A "Facade" cube spins in the aux cafeteria as visitors get to enjoy the drawings posted on the board. 
A student is on duty welcoming visitors to start their visit at the Art Room area.
Visitors are greeted by a group of flying characters (paper mache).
A student artist created this sculpture above. Her idea was that one may be putting on a calm face yet actually bleeding badly behind the facade. Notice the "blood" drips out of the display case and onto the floor - really thinking "out of the box"!
Another student artist created the above artwork which has two parts to it. One part being a sculpture of himself feeling being rooted to the ground and couldf not lift himself up as he tries to reach out to others. The other part of the artwork is the piece of drawing that the sculpture was holding up. The drawing shows a groups of people that the artists was trying to reach out to but was unable to. There is definitely more than meet the eyes!
IMG_1753.JPG IMG_1754-V.jpg
Many students' paintings and drawings were showcased.
The coolest water sink on earth! Reach inside the mouth of this monster to get your hands washed or .....bitten off by the monster?!
Visitors who are inspired by the artwork and wanted to do some of their own can sit underneath this canopy and get creative with the tools provided.
IMG_1757-V.jpg IMG_1759-V.jpg
Cool installations everywhere!                         Amazing anime! 
IMG_1758.JPG IMG_1761.JPG
Beautiful fashion designed by our Mary Ward Students! Clay brick project (AVI3MO).
IMG_1769.JPG IMG_1770-R.jpg
​These are not any regular plushies! They have stories! "When flowers bloom, so does hope!"

"Hi, my name is Lucy and at a very younge age I was taken from my family and forced to go to a residential school. At the school they cut my hair and told me that I couldn't speak my own language or do anthing from my culture. They would punish me and the other kids if we did. After several years of pushing through, I graduated. Although it has been a long time, I wish to speak my language once more."
"Help put an end to whale hunting aroudn the world, to save our whales from becoming extinct! - Around the world, whales like Willy area getting hunted and killed for their meat and blubber. The more whales that get killed from whale hunting, the closer they are to becoming extinct."
​"Hi, I am SQUIRT. I am the last in my bale. The amount of plastic in my home challenges me to live. SKIP A STRAW - SAVE A TURTLE!"
Some of these plushies also have a button that visitors can press for a recording...pain from a tooth?!
"Leukemia Facts" Plushies - very educational and informative!
​"We are committed to provide support for abused domestic pets who haev been neglected. Animal abuse is more common than many can imagine. According to the Humane Society, on average of 10 million pets are abused every year. It is important to spread awareness of teh matter for it affects the lives of animals that deserve a right!"
​Beautiful jewelries from our future Jewellers! 
IMG_1772-V.jpg IMG_1774-V.jpg

IMG_1774-V.jpg IMG_1778-V.jpg
IMG_1776-R.jpg IMG_1777-R.jpg

​Hallways full of artwork with themes of the Art Shows in the past painted on the walls!

IMG_1782.JPG IMG_1783.JPG
​Our students created furniture that look like ones you can purchase from stores!
IMG_1784.JPG IMG_1785.JPG

IMG_1786.JPG IMG_1788.JPG 
Students of our ​Green Industry course created a chicken coop and also an eco-classroom outdoors for the school community to use!
IMG_1791.JPG IMG_1792.JPG

IMG_1793.JPG IMG_1794.JPG
​Robotics is one of many great technologies students can explore at Mary Ward!
IMG_1795.JPG IMG_1796.JPG
​Students selling their own creations at the Art Show!
IMG_1797.JPG IMG_1798-V.jpg
IMG_1799-V.jpg IMG_1801-V.jpg

IMG_1802-V.jpg IMG_1800.JPG