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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Mary Ward CSS celerbates ​Asian Heritage Month in May 2019


To start each morning of the Asian Heritage Month off, students presented information on note-worthy Asian Canadians and Asian Cultural information over the PA system. Students also wrote and led meaningful prayers in relation to the information they presented, such as pray for perseverance and hope in challenging times, over the morning PA. 

Each week, we feature a region in Asia on a big display board and also rotate posters of note-worthy Asian Canadians that are on exhibited in the front foyer. 

Western Asia.JPG
China-Japan-Indian display.JPG

We also have various costumes and artifacts from different cultures being featured every week.


This year, our Student Supervisor, Ms. Ferrante, offered her expertise as a graduate from Hotel Restaurant Management from Humber College and put on her Master Chef's hat and taughts students how to cook various Asian food, e.g. Chinese Spring Rolls, Filipino Torone, etc.

Spring Roll Class.JPG

Nine student artists provided Henna services at lunch. Students could choose from a variety of designs. It was lots of fun while learning more about Henna!
Henna board.JPGHenna Artist at work.JPG

Henna in action.JPG Henna in action 2.JPG

The highlight of the month of celebration was the Cultural Expose and Fashion Show whereby staff and students showed off their talents and cultural costumes! Everyone learned something new from this fun-filled event!


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Thanks to all the staff and students for their support of Asian Heritage Month celebration!!