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Welcome to Week 30.  This week we have much to celebrate as we relish in the success of the School Play, enjoy the satisfaction of knowing marking is up-to-date with the submission of report cards, partake in Green Quest’s Earth Week activities, honour our extremely dedicated and hard-working Administrative Assistants, and begin our Super TA Interviews.  Mary Ward is certainly the place to be!
The heightened excitement that was felt in the halls last week was due to the opening of Leader of the Pack.  It began with the rush of students entering the cafetorium for Monday afternoon’s preview, continued with the applause from our elementary school visitors, and peaked with the fans that packed the cafetorium for the nightly performances.  We are so fortunate to have the dedicated staff who willingly give of their time to allow our student talent to shine forth.  We congratulate all students who acted, danced, played, worked the lights and sound, ushered, sold tickets and snacks, set up, and cleaned up. We are humbly grateful to Directors Len and Amy, Music Director Vince, and Technical Advisor/Sound Design Peter Hathway, and all staff involved including, Dave Emer, Sal, Heather Gintoli, Julia Mary, Keith, Mary Louise, Lee, Marissa, Joanna, Christine Ratnam, Eileen, Peter Walther, and Angela Zabana.  You definitely brought the do run run to our lives, and we thank you!
Our Local School Staffing Allocation Committee (LSSAC) has met and will continue to meet to discuss scheduling and staffing issues for the 2010-2011 school year.  Please ensure your staffing intention sheet has been submitted to Violet and that your interests are clearly stated.  Also, please do not hesitate to speak to the administrative team or any member of LSSAC at any time.  The members include Mary-Lynn, Lynda, Mary Louise, Mike Kennedy (TSU rep.), Susanna, Marion, and Maria Scarano.
Congratulations to Samantha Tjong who has been selected to participate in the Computer Science Seminar For Young Women at the University of Waterloo May 29 – June 5.  Samantha was one of ninety-six participants selected among over two hundred applicants.
As well, congratulations to Matthew Chang, whose Day of Silence initiative was a success.  Approximately 40 students participated in the event to bring awareness to bullying and violence against students, and in particular, those of same-sex orientation.  Thanks to Wendy Jones for assisting Matthew.
Thanks to all teachers for your participation and valuable input at Friday’s Faculty meeting.  Our appreciation is also extended to Antonella, Wendy Jones, and Liz for monitoring the halls, and all the Educational and Instructional Assistants who monitored the resource areas. 
My apologies to Jerry Paterna who was overlooked in the introductions of new staff who recently joined our community.  As you are well aware, Jerry is working in the Special Programs but is a familiar face as he volunteered in the math department and supply taught in various other departments.  In case you have not had the pleasure of meeting Jerry, and cannot wait until the May 7 Faculty Meeting, I have attached a picture of Jerry below.  Please make sure you introduce yourself and welcome him to our Ward family.
george clooney
Thanks to all those who submitted articles for the April edition of Happenings that will be included with Monday’s report card.  Our appreciation to Nicole and her students who produced a quality newsletter in very tight timelines.  Please get in the habit of sending submissions to Nicole after an event rather than leaving it until Happenings is due for printing.  We need to continue to promote the incredible events that occur within and outside our school, and we are fortunate to have the in-house talent to make this “happen”.
In addition to the many exciting events that Green Quest has planned for us during this year’s Earth Week, we also take time to thank our numerous volunteers during this week’s Volunteer Appreciation Week.  On Wednesday, we honour, in a special way, Angela Cardinale, Josie Giancola, Lynn Hayes, Anna Luciano, and Paulette Sousa as we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day.  Perhaps it is not coincidental that it falls two days after we send home the report cards because we all know the tireless hours they put into ensuring the process runs smoothly.  Please take a special moment on Wednesday to thank our great office team.
As you are well aware, Super TA interviews begin this week, and run through April 30.  Please ensure you take note of the tips on Derek’s memo.  We appreciate you confirming receipt of all emailed reports and mailing home copies to parents/guardians who do not receive emails.
We know the end of the year is approaching when we begin discussions about summer school.  Please refer to Lynda’s email of potential summer school courses that you can share in discussions with your advisees.  Also note Mike Wetzel’s email that includes an application form for any teachers who are interested in a summer school position.  Summer school runs from July 5 – 30.
Congratulations to all the students involved in the sixth annual High School Canadian National Mathematics League contests.  Mary Ward finished fourteenth in Canada with Ann DeSequeira earning a perfect score.  Kudos to the members of the Math Department for such an impressive standing.  Detailed results can be found under contest results at
The Mary Ward hockey pool draft is well underway with very early results having Tony D’Agostino’s picks leading the way with Ireland and Ste. Croix close behind.  Thanks to Paul Cerre and Mary Louise for continuing the tradition of “friendly” competition within the staff.  Perhaps Violet and Paulette need a reminder of the fair play rules??
Dave Emer spent his Saturday at Humber College with three students who qualified for the Regional Skills Canada Competition.  Grade 9 student, Gianluca Rossi narrowly missed qualifying for the provincials with a fourth place finish, Mitchell Kennedy placed sixth, and Michael Borowski placed tenth.  Congratulations to all three competitors and thanks to Dave for giving of his time to train and allow the boys to compete.  Dave was later spotted at Leader of the Pack with his fiancé, Sandy.  Quite a weekend for him!!
Congratulations to members of the Senior Badminton team who competed in the TDCAA finals at Humber College.  Ladies’ Doubles Iris Fok and Judy Tan and Men’s Doubles Raymond Fung and Eric Wong both earned the silver medal in their competitions and have qualified for OFSAA!  Overall, Ward finished 2nd out of 32 schools.  Special thanks to Coaches Albert, Largo, and Valiulis for the time they devoted to ensuring the players were adequately prepared.  Please lend your support to the team as they compete in the TDCAA playoffs this week.
Thanks to all staff who participated in professional development sessions, or took our students on trips last week: Michael Waud’s CLU3M1 trip to Central Tech’s Law Day Student Symposium; Mary Louise and Lee’s Stop the Stigma student training session; Rosalinda, Ryan, and Kathy Saran’s Grade 11 Biology PLN with our elementary students; Lee’s HNC3O1 and HNB4O1 trip to Ryerson, Vince, Jen Hayes, and John Notten’s IDP’s viewing of Hamlet; Karen Erle’s  Joint Team Meeting, Maureen McAndrew and Michael Waud’s CLU3M1 and CLN4U1’s trip to Henry Carr’s Mock Criminal; Peter Petrasek’s elearning web broadcast; John Notten’s presentation at Niagara University’s Faculty of Education; and Dave Emer’s Saturday excursion with students for the second round of Skills Canada’s Individual Carpentry Competition.
Thanks, also, to the staff that remained behind and covered areas to allow these events to happen.
Monday, April 19 is Day 7 and Unit 14 Target Date.  Anne Marie and Christa will participate in a TA excursion to the Mandarin.  The end of day check-in will begin at 2:40 p.m. to facilitate the distribution of Report Cards.  Before heading home for the day, be sure to stop by the Den to cheer on the Badminton Team as they host Notre Dame and Neil McNeil in the first round of the play-offs.  The players and Coaches Albert, Largo, and Valiulis appreciate your support.
Tuesday, April 20 is Day 8.  Green Quest is hosting a Civvies Day with half of the proceeds going to Ontario Nature and the remaining funds going towards prizes, supplies, and end-of-year GreenQuest celebrations.  Rosanna will attend a FSL workshop focusing on the new curriculum and cultural exchanges, Amy and her HRE4M1/4O1 students depart at 10:45 a.m. for Theatre Passe Muraille to view an Opera by the Native Earth Performing Arts Centre, and Patricia is at Msgr. Fraser Norfinch for a Secondary Principals’ Meeting. 
The Safe Schools Action Team will meet in the Office Conference Room at
5:45 p.m. and CSAC meets in the Library at 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday, April 21 is Day 9 and Administrative Assistant Day.  Please take time to thank Angela Cardinale, Josie, Lynn, Anna Luciano, and Paulette for all their hard work.  Our Special Programs welcomes ten teacher candidates from York University.  They will be enjoying our ME/DD students during their day of service.  Today is the target date for submitting 2010-2011 dates to Derek for consideration and inclusion in next school year’s calendar.  Meghan’s PPL/PAF students depart at 12:15 p.m. for Birchmount’s Gymnastics Centre and Jen Wisniowski will travel in the morning to Ecole Secondaire Etienne Brulé with the Grade 10 Academic French students to view a play.  Department Heads will meet at 2 p.m. in the Library Conference Room.  Be sure to stop by the gym before heading home to cheer on the Badminton team in their second round of playoffs.  The team and Coaches Albert, Largo, and Valiulis are always appreciative of the Ward Fan support.
Thursday, April 22 is Day 10.  We will have our scheduled fire drill, weather permitting.  Further information will follow from Derek.  Mary Louise and Kara will attend the Student Success Team Meeting, Liz Nero will attend a professional development session for Secondary School Supervisors of Students at the Holiday Inn, Yorkdale, and Violet is scheduling at Msgr. Fraser Norfinch.  Please lend your support to the Junior Boys’ Volleyball team and Coaches Cuschieri and Simone in their match against O’Connor.   Coincidentally, Senator O’Connor is Dave’s alma mater where he played volleyball and was coached by Karen Erle!!
Friday, April 23 is Day 1.  Jen Wisniowski will participate in a FSL workshop focusing on the new curriculum and learning strategies, and Antonella will attend a professional development session for Secondary School Supervisors of Students at the Holiday Inn, Yorkdale.  Kitty and Susie host a University of Toronto Speaker discussing Expectations and Opportunities in Computer Science for their ICS2O1/3U1 students during period 5 in the cafetorium, and Green Quest participates in Earth Week’s 20 minute Makeover beginning at 2 p.m.
Good luck to members of the Track Team and Coaches D’Agostino and Davies who participate in the John Rowlands Games at York University on Saturday.  May the sun shine on you and the wind be at your backs!
To sign off for this week’s Varia, I thought you would appreciate an email sent by Lisa McGuckin, TCDSB Guidance Resource Teacher to Mary Louise thanking her for her support of the Stop the Stigma initiative and training sessions.  Lisa’s praise of our student behaviour is quite affirming.  Please share with your advisees as they continue to positively represent our school at various events.  They continue to make us proud.
“The students from Mary Ward were respectful, attentive, creative and very engaged.  We are excited to be part of your effort to eradicate stigma for students dealing with mental illness.
We are very lucky to have your continued support, insight and patience as we grow this very worthwhile initiative.  The students from Mary Ward are articulate while presenting and excellent role models for the schools joining the movement this year.”
That’s all folks. Enjoy your week!